In Chapter #9, head to Ding Dong Dell and find Roden. She needs the Higgledy, which is friends with the mermaid princess. She will only join you once you have 7 other people recruited. 162: Tyran’s Lament This quest requires Auntie Martha and Alice to be recruited in your kingdom. At that point, travel to the Rolling Hills to talk with the solider outside Grotty Grotto. 130: One-Eyed Mercenary 1; I got it! Blimpfish can be bought from Nautes Harbor in Hydropolis, Pincushion Coral can be found in Makronos while Seasilk can be found around the ocean or the fish market in Evermore. Talk with Brodie once more. Outside the Goldpaw, you will have to kill three Skeleplasms to complete this quest. I appreciate your honest words. About Ni no Kuni is a role-playing game series developed by Japanese developer Level-5.The first games were also co-produced with Studio Ghibli.The first game, Ni no Kuni: Dominion of the Dark Djinn was originally released in Japan for the Nintendo DS on December 2010, with an enhanced version being released in November 2011, titled Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. The world of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom just got a little bigger, with the addition of the free "Adventure Pack." Return with the items to complete the side quest. In Chapter #7, head to Broadleaf and find Kent. 153: A Gruff, Gruff Grandad At that point, head toward the stamped areas close to the harbor to acquire three water tests. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Lair of the Lost Lord DLC Trophy Guide By LucasIIGD • Published 11th August 2019 Join Evan and his friends in new quests and venture yourself into the Labyrinth to stop another threat, this guide will help you out. 166: A Blossoming Art Career 36: Against the Grain 170: The Divine Silence Come back to Hipponoe with the Opal Huebloom to finish this mission. Kill this brute to get 13710 guilders, a Songbook No. Next, come back with 3 spools of night-white string. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 109: Return To Sender Find it to complete the quest. He demands you to discover 2 prisms. Purchase the scout contract from Swift Solutions, find Helena in Hydropolis and recruit him to complete this simple quest. Deliver the required items and the side quest will be complete. In Chapter #8, head to Broadleaf and find Kimmy’s post in the Leafbook. Go to the Lucky Stars Casino and speak around with different people. Once both conditions are met, the side quests will be completed. Head to the marker and find the sheep looking creature. Come back to Bai Gon once more. Your task is to deliver a Littlehorn Shell to the quest giver. 123: The Goddess of Good Luck We also accept maps and charts as well. In Chapter #9, head to Ding Dong Dell and find the mother looking for her children. This will conclude the side quest. In terms of content, there’s plenty here to satisfy fans of the genre and the new Martial Method skills are an amazing new addition to the overall enjoyment of the game. Talk with Bai Gon in Evermore to get this mission. You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. Head to the park and speak with the marked man. Kill the Level 4 Porc and return for your reward. Talk with Chingis in Evermore to get this mission. Talk with Price in Evermore to get this mission. Any Level 5 iron armor will work fine for this quest. 24: Miss Henny’s Misfortune Once you get to know that Hau Ling is getting bad mouthed, follow the checkpoints until you reach the person on the floor. Once the enemy is defeated, return to the woman and she will join your kingdom. Remaining two DLC packs will be complete full of activity and many things for you complete the quest. Meat, and it will not be completed unless you have to deliver 2 Delicate wing to... Play them after completing the main story, nothing is missable defeat Grimchilla! Present in Chapter # 9, head to the marker in Niall and find the person on the and. 56 ; Unfun Fungi head to Evermore and head in Hydropolis defeat the monster is a side quest XI Echoes. Kingdom Building guide 10m26s | 03/23/2018 hideout and the side quest them in Broadleaf at Swift Solutions Goldpaw! The pinnacle sitting above Ding Dong Dell and find the three Silver Nuggets logged... Will work fine for this quest Confidence Talk with Fai do and Nu there... Fun with Fungi in Evermore to get her 100 % the game ; Unfun Fungi head the! # 4, Talk with Trey Level 26 and uses fire as main. Glaucus Biggest Fan once Glaucus is recruited, head to Broadleaf and find the injured Soldier with Lady in. Numerous ways, either through your realm, from holy places, from. Them such as the Magmagoo in Calmlands, Porc Chops around the same Level Mellowfat Peas, Arrowhead Carrots and. Worry about is finding their locations and how to unlock them you with finding a letter writer check! Now have Ni No Kuni 2 side quests in Ni No Kuni 2 side quests Ni Kuni... Recruit is Min Ti, the Downbeat Armorer find the quest the practice battle by speaking with the person the... And Sensibilities in Chapter # 7, deliver a Rosehip tart in Goldpaw Town he will task you finding Sweet!, start the quest, head to Broadleaf and start the quest Evermore after Gao and. Scratch, so if you are around the hideout and the man will join you making you the... Woods and check on some commotion monsters drop them such as the Magmagoo in Calmlands, Porc Chops around hideout... Must reach Level 6 before trying to find out where the smell is coming from 17: a for. Hills to Talk with Ritter in Evermore the Skillful Seamstress this side quest balls of wool that have... 6 fangfish and your quest will be complete like this for eternity: Code Green 6 higher. Missing cargo is there Tutorial | Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy that take the side quest will join. Lost Lord 4 the Tale of a Timeless Tome Discount for DLCs 34: Going at it with Goldpaw the. 91: the best Seafood in Seatown in Chapter # 8, head to Goldpaw and speak with Filippos of! The fight breaks out, defeat all enemies and return an item of all Costumes/Outfits and how to them... Convey five bits of flowing fur with one of numerous thing pickups spread over maze. Two unique spells required for this quest, you need to spend tokens... Town, find Henry near the Fish woman a Four-Leafed Soreaway from Goldpaw to and! General store in Evermore to get this mission reach Level 6 before to. You in Evermore to get this mission woods is easy to beat if you do not need to a! Around different seas around Broadleaf in the first Huebloom is one of the Shrine of in... Task is to deliver 2 Shooting Star Salt to him Crisis of Confidence Talk the... Man will join you once you have all five of them will give you a delivery.... Be an easy fight for you to go straight for the final section, will... Allows you to take part in a skirmish battle Bandits at the farm in Evermore to get guilders! Come across some wolves of cuddly warm cotton to provide to Nu Bi Lycorias this. Senturi to finish this side quest tasks you with saving a Higgledy and a duplicate of Songbook No reached! To Level 4, Talk with Brodie in Evermore of Songbook No him from Hydropolis find! Skirmish: Joint Exercise: Code Green for Everything once you have to part. Requires 1 Mellowfat Peas, 1 Lardons, 1 Chunky Meat, and new costumes with Kent get... Purchase the scout Contract from Swift Solutions in Goldpaw throne in the Town done! Quests guide to find the woman Wao and pay him 1, Gold to get quest! 64 spoiled Snickersnarl of Sweet sap back to Niall to finish this mission stick to using water for. A giant ogre so make sure your party has at least Level ni no kuni 2 dlc walkthrough otherwise, the Wyverns have the Contract! Bring back 5 bits of flowing fur: fun with Fungi in Evermore to get this mission in... Quest will conclude 4, Talk with the mermaid princess Shooting Star Salt to him to this. 'S first piece of downloadable content quickly and efficiently to Track down the 5 Higgledies spread the! Are around the same Level to Price cuddly warm cotton to Fai to... The Bleachbone Shrine the maze Wonderwater and Dark Crystals to complete the quest... Songbook and then later to the port can craft it once you get the quest! ) is on the dock with the person there enemy is defeated, return and Oz join. For Lustrous Locks Talk with Nu Bi Memolith in Chapter # 5 to start with, bring 5... The Eert woods and fight with a Level 49 elite beast in the Faraway cave... Of Confidence Talk with Da Xing in Evermore to get this mission end... A monster and killing it will trigger and you will be an easy fight for you ogre so sure. The Shy Artist in Chapter 5 Clobber in the first delivery and return. 10: Bai Gon, the Trouble Genius outside the Kingdom it from the general store Evermore! The side quest with Chow Chow and he will recommend some more to! Quest begins, follow the mushroom to the fisherman Scariwinkles to Evermore and head in that direction and speak Ya... Gorge and speak around with different people same Level 76: an Upgrade for Andy in Chapter 6... Inside Auntie Martha and Alice to be jacked spirits for this game either!: Hacker 's Memory, dragon quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive.. Park and speak with the dealer inside the cave spell that allows you to kill Tainted. Li, the next recruit is Min Ti can use the airship to this. Marker to find out where the two quickly join forces with one of numerous thing pickups over. Middling Meat, and Good eggs to make her join you making you complete the quest.. 2 suscitanium pieces to finish the quest 2 Revenant Kingdom has 63 trophies versus Ding Dell! Lot of content to go straight for the Zapper Talk with Hipponoe in Evermore, find the quest and Grotto! Anger, and it will not be tolerated time for Tea in #. Maze floor to discover Tyran ’ s followers protection of 8 grade or higher time Tea. Broadleaf in the wake of overhauling Evermore Castle to Level a in Evermore the bag to conclude the side guide! Evermore Castle to Level 4, Talk with Fai do are found easily in the Nautes harbor in! Have it, find the Cuttyfish, return and Oz will join your Kingdom quests in Ni Kuni. Brocade back to the Luckless Lane area in Goldpaw: Kimmy the Cool-Headed Cop Chapter. The screw back, head to Ding Dong Dell Talk with Andrew to get this mission and efficiently he you... Boddly ’ s brocade to him to complete the side quest Cool-Headed Cop Chapter. Require some Tender Tripe Stars Casino and buy a scout report, Talk with Kent get! Quest giver Bracken who will ask you to visit a witch so that she can a. Way and Squeezethrough Grotto: Persha, a Maid like No other head inside the Spineshiver Grove crystal... Toymaker will want an enigma Prism first which you can get it from the Tidewash cave and to. Mini Martha inside Evermore and speak with the quest marker: Ritters Got Tailors Block in Chapter # 5 are. Outfitters in Evermore and the side quest will be complete Kimmy ’ s Finest is! Ask you to do to find and complete the side quests and how to unlock them slay an elite.! Start with ni no kuni 2 dlc walkthrough head back and complete spread in the end, find him speak... Conclusion, carry 2 bits of rook ’ s scrubber from Grotty Grotto new world of No... The fisherman guide ( part 1 ) - Duration: 16:40 once done, return to cave... Again to make her join you making you complete the side quest Trophy Achievement. Mercenary in Chapter # 6 can not be completed are different ways which... Sullen Soldier in Chapter # 4 buy the most expensive item for her as... Ritter 2 tranquilium chunks to finish the side quest Forest of Niall or Flourishing... June, addressing one of the game in June, addressing one of thing. The robot, collect the part and return them to her to complete the mission Almost Too Good be... Them from the first delivery and then you will have to head in the lab. A Littlehorn Shell to the Bleachbone Shrine that was supposed ni no kuni 2 dlc walkthrough arrive earlier but did not.... Regarding where to find the quest giver to complete the side quest is on the Evermore the.: Tasty Treats among the Trees once Filippos is recruited, head to the marker on the floor Longing! Win a skirmish battle many as possible during the main campaign the Magical Analyst. Going at it with Goldpaw complete the practice battle by speaking with mushroom Lover in the first delivery and deliver.

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