Once you have Equilibrium simply cast it in one hand (draining 25 health per second and converting it into magicka) while casting a healing spell in the other. Equilibrium is also useful for leveling restoration. Rinse and repeat. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mage Guide. It’s nice to have something to do with all those fish, herbs and mushrooms.In our mage build, I also recommend using your Alchemy to keep yourself stocked up with health and magic potions for those moments when you need a little boost mid-combat. Do not enchant or use smithing! Plus if you’re anything like me, you can’t help collecting any cool alchemical ingredient you wander past. As soon as you shoot your object above you press the wait button. We’re also going to be making use of the magic absorbtion perk Atronarch. Morokei is a mage-focused mask, … I picked Breton for the magic resistance among other things. Conjure Seeker: While not as strong as a Dremora Lord, Seekers are another favourite conjured buddy. They are learned in most schools of magic and may utilize alchemy to further bolster their abilities. I found that this school was most suited to a sneaky thief style of gameplay, and I wanted to save my skillpoints for the other magic schools that helped me build an unstoppable full frontal assault style battle mage.If you’re interested in how to best use Illusion and level up super fast, check out my blog post ‘Skyrim Assassin Build: The Best Sneak Build In Skyrim‘, which was completely built around illusion magic. You can pick up and steal heaps of common and rare alchemy ingredients in the Hall of Countenance. If you don’t want to wait for it to randomly appear in a court wizard inventory you can visit Phinis Gestor the Conjuration Master in the College of Winterhold. An easy way to get a head start on your Restoration building is to plunder Colette Marence’s hidden chest. Also the fact that you don’t need armour or weapons will mean you’ll need the carry weight buff less. This is especially true with spells as you need a good amount of magicka or perks invested (ideally both) to cast higher level spells. Restoration will give you the power to heal yourself and your allies. 2.1 The pure mage; 2.2 Best race for a mage; 2.3 Which schools of magic will you focus on? The reduction in equipped armour weight is irrelevant as you’ll be wearing light cloth. I recommend relying heavily on Magicka and the use of spells with a single enchanted dagger and a couple of magic staffs for backup. The starting buff of +5 skill points to Speech is also useful as we’ll be raising speech to at least 50 to unlock the Merchant perk. I’ve heard people complain that magic is underpowered in Skyrim. Highborn gives you the ability to regenerate magicka faster for 60 seconds (once per day). Alteration spells and perks allow you to withstand whatever gets thrown at you while your magicka regenerates mid battle.That’s mostly thanks to the Mage Armour perks in this skill tree. The ability to imbue your clothes and jewelry with enchantments that improves your magical abilities and stats is undeniably important, especially for a pure mage. Apart from the branching dialogue options afforded by Persuasion and Intimidation buffs, the Merchant perk alone makes the speech tree worth investing in. Writer. Increases health and stamina regeneration by 25%. You can either dual-cast to deal more damage, or you could have a healing spell in the one hand whilst having a defensive spell/staff in the other. Equilibrium: Make sure to get this Alteration spell book during the College of Winterhold questline, in Labyrinthian Chasm. When you start the game, after the intro, catch a carriage ride from Whiterun straight to Winterhold and head up to the college. with skyrim you don't have to be pigeon holed into being a set character, just play the game and as you use some skills more than others your character will get better at them. Grab a small object like a basket or wine bottle with your Telekinesis spell and point it straight up. Once you add the 30% buff from the Magic Resistance perk in the Alteration skill tree, and 15% buff from Agent of Mara you’ve nearly negated the nerf.