Purdue University College of Pharmacy and NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes collaborate to expand nuclear pharmacy training curriculum. The Academic and Ambulatory Care Fellowship at Purdue University emphasizes balanced training in service, education, and research. 2019-2021: Charlotte Moureaud, PharmD Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers, Class of 2019; 2019-2021: Jonell Nwabueze, PharmD Manchester University College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health … endstream endobj 1896 0 obj <>stream Purdue University, College of Pharmacy CURRICULUM VITAE August 2015 MARGIE E. SNYDER, PHARMD, MPH Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice Purdue University College of Pharmacy Fifth Third Bank Building 640 Eskenazi Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 Tel: (317) 880-5429 Fax: (317) 880-0568 Email: snyderme@purdue.edu EDUCATION/TRAINING 2007 – 2009 Community Practice Research Fellowship University of Pittsburgh … PharmD graduates may also pursue post­-graduate residency programs in general or specialty practice areas. Practice experiences are integrated with didactic instruction throughout the curriculum. ��42 �4�Wm�&GI� For 135 years, we have prepared the next generation of scientists who innovate, save lives, discover new drugs – and literally lead the way. I completed my PharmD at Manchester University College of Pharmacy in Fort Wayne, IN. We are proud to be a pioneer in health care and leading the way with innovation by offering three pathways leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD… Initial Application Materials for PPS Interview: Curriculum vitae and letter of intent, send to GRAFellowship@takeda.com Need information? Purdue University College of Pharmacy . All of these programs require strong undergraduate … For more information, please see this brochure. Henry Papineau – PharmD Purdue University College of Pharmacy, 2019 HealthLinc/Purdue PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency, 2020. The following courses are available in the nuclear pharmacy series as part of the Purdue University College of Pharmacy professional curriculum. Purdue University. All new students enter the College with a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences and then select from one of two educational goals: Pre-Doctor of Pharmacy is a two-year, non-degree program that is intended to prepare students for entry into the PharmD program below. @������ʋ��:��t�,�����z��v(e�R������)e�R�?�&"`��u v��������Qs]p-p- 0 ��r��r �\������� � �9 T�V ��Tu��t��t � 0��w��WP�w-�=:P �'��+�� (E@) ` �@�{�L��^0 �[����� ����������=�v؇�> ���u�� ��y TXZ �OT������� �. 2020-2022: Irene Lin, PharmD University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, Class of 2020; 2020-2022: Morgan Nicolas, PharmD The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, Class of 2020 ; PGY2. CURRICULUM VITAE NAME AND PERSONAL DATA Abel, Steven Richard Present Position: Associate Provost for Engagement Purdue University Professor of Pharmacy Practice Purdue University College of Pharmacy Citizenship: United States Place of Birth: Elkhart, Indiana EDUCATION UNDERGRADUATE: 1971-1976 Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana (B.S. College of Pharmacy At the College of Pharmacy, you’ll stretch the limits of what is possible every day. #���F8D��#��N�t?�J-�-"?$����$�����QJ2F�1����&�"��D!��1��7��K/i�������] #�c�/ɸ����H/YM��/2�Ih"/��B�e��$�)���K��H x߸久w�Ǒ�[+%�a���ȸVƱ#Md�$=d'kbe�$cx�M�l�6�L��d��W��C�=��G>#��q�I��d�$u'c��撌�e߼��euD3�r�{#��q����LG>��+��w��粈]����ѧ�qz�L�������m�^�:&�(����������Ͱ�_.o��w�n������jd|3�'Ox�W��������z=�3K+~^��J�W��pV�ye�U�:3o��ʴ! endstream endobj 1895 0 obj <>stream The Purdue College of Pharmacy offers two undergraduate programs: The Pre-Pharmacy Program is a two-year, non-degree program that is intended to prepare students for entry into the PharmD program below. Lab Members. Glen T. Schumock is Professor and Dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). West Lafayette, IN 1999 . endstream endobj 1898 0 obj <>stream Medical Device Sales 101: Masterclass + ADDITIONAL CONTENT. Have a question to ask us? Candidates who do not meet this requirement should not apply. program. h��Zmo� ޟ���-�}����$h�7�v��>��|��V8��Ϸ%w9���t;��p8/�ɥm��ؒ�֧6Q�m�m��O����ܦ�m�2W�ks����L�끟1�1���r1s�-���������O�fg�i�X(�=�K�c%��X�����ۜ=?Y^�Ʈ���,�N���8�x@'�#z)���L�cF)X4I!�Y 1894 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.6 %���� PHRM 880, Purdue APPE Rotation CLPH 490, Pharmaceutical Care of … )���M*��ms i�;���X��'�q��q�&b� �f�N�9�ٔ3�6������Bdw�q6���7Ζ"�W�"߭x�_һ4e]Ȟ�e�^�poܲ�t�^=脄E@O��tt�2���H�|���� (�,�;@��I$�TJe��(��R��N@�x|�d:������:����8�X8�o��X�M��:@���9��zmA=P����@)�d�G@O�I�T J�� ) @D�pb�F�TJE�� ) @D�$p�#eiJ%�T+�� D4 M' �^���Ǖ�����c�v�L� e�bQŌ�b \� Program and the Outcome Ability Goals for the Pharm.D. For important COVID-19 information and changes, please visit our Admissions FAQ page and the Protect Purdue page. The available positions for the 2021-2022 cycle specialize in United States Medical Affairs, specifically in the Immunology therapeutic area. PharmD graduate of an Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) accredited Doctor of Pharmacy Program.